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Daily English 45 - A Camping Trip

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My friends and I decided to take a trip to Yosemite National Park to do some camping and hiking. We all like the outdoors, but we all live in the city. We have all been griping about feeling cooped up, so we decided to take a road trip. This trip would give all of us a break from the traffic, noise, and smog that we all deal with in L.A.

Before we left, I went to the sporting goods store to get some new gear and equipment. I had a tent, but I needed a new sleeping bag, one that was waterproof. I also needed some new hiking boots. Lucky for me, I found everything in one stop, and by the time I left the store, I was really psyched about the trip.

Early on Saturday morning, my friend Rachel came to pick me up. None of us had a camper, but Rachel had an SUV that fit all of us comfortably. I was the last one to be picked up, and I put my backpack and other gear in the trunk. I was about to get into the car when I realized I had left my sunscreen in the house. I rushed back in and grabbed it, and then we were off. I couldn't wait to get some fresh air and plenty of exercise. Yosemite, here we come!

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