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Daily English 450 - Getting a Bad Reputation

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Lance: Did you see Kim at the party last Saturday?

Paulina: Yeah, I saw her. Why?

Lance: She was wearing a skimpy dress and all of the men were leering at her all night. I used to think she was a nice girl. Isn’t she worried that she’ll get a reputation?

Paulina: A reputation for what?

Lance: For being…you know.

Paulina: No, I don’t know.

Lance: For being easy! It doesn’t take much for people to jump to the wrong conclusions when a woman is dressed like that.

Paulina: So based on one dress she wore to a party, you’re ready to consider her promiscuous.

Lance: No, not just based on that. The guys at the party were talking and one of them said he used to date her, and he said…

Paulina: Now you’re listening to some sleazy guy at a party boasting about his conquest. The question is, why are you so ready to give credibility to rumors like that?

Lance: Whoa, don’t go ballistic on me. I was only telling you what I heard. I thought you might be interested.

Paulina: Well, you thought wrong. I used to think that women were catty, but you men are much, much worse!

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