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Daily English 459 - Watching Political Commentary Shows

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Laura: I really don’t like these political commentary shows. They purportedly present both sides of an issue, but the commentator is always biased.

Joon: Oh, I don’t think so. Each show invites pundits on each side of the political spectrum. In this show, for instance, the pundits each take turns presenting their arguments.

Laura: You mean they each present the party line, right? I find it so predictable what each side will say, since they always invite people who have opinions that are poles apart.

Joon: That’s not always true. This other show has a roundtable format. Each person listens to the others and they debate the issues.

Laura: On that show, it’s not what they say, but how they say it. They treat the others’ opinions with such contempt. You can hear the loathing in their voices and they constantly talk over each other. I’m surprised you can bear to watch it.

Joon: I find it stimulating. I like a good fight.

Laura: I guess it’s better for them to do it on screen than on the streets!

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