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Daily English 461 - Using a Guidebook

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Nicki: Wow, did you buy out the bookstore?!

Tony: Very funny. I just got a few guidebooks for our trip to Vancouver. I want to study up on what the must-see sights are, and then decide whether we can do some self-guided tours or need to book guided tours.

Nicki: That’s very conscientious of you. The trip isn’t for three months.

Tony: I know, but I want to start sketching out an itinerary now. I’m going to start out by reading the orientation chapters so I get a feel for the city.

Nicki: Good, then at least one of us will know where to go and what to do.

Tony: After that, I’m going to read the helpful hints in the accommodations section. I want to make sure we stay in the heart of the city with plenty of nightlife. I’ll read the section on day trips, too, in case we have some extra time.

Nicki: It sounds like you’ve got it covered.

Tony: I do. I also want to spend some time learning some survival phrases so I can talk to the locals.

Nicki: Survival phrases? To visit Vancouver?

Tony: Yeah, we won’t be able to get around without learning some French, you know.

Nicki: Really? Hmm. I think you’d better keep reading.

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