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Daily English 465 - Describing Boring and Exciting Things

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Ina: It was a great idea to split up to go see different movies. I really liked The McQuillanator!

Paco: I’m glad to hear it. You made a better choice than I did. The biopic I saw was mind-numbing. I was bored to death!

Ina: Really? My movie was great. It was action-packed and fast-paced. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

Paco: I wish I had been. My movie moved at a snail’s pace and what was supposed to be dramatic was just repetitive. I can’t believe I sat through that entire thing. I’m sure I nodded off more than once.

Ina: That’s too bad. You should have abandoned your theater and joined me in mine. I’m still feeling the adrenaline rush.

Paco: Yeah, but instead I got a good nap. What a waste of money!

Ina: Just consider it a good lesson learned.

Paco: What lesson?

Ina: Let me pick the movies. I know a good bang for the buck!

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