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Daily English 467 - Buying Men’s Shirts

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Francesca: Hurry up! Come out of that fitting room so I can see how the dress shirt fits.

Eddie: The first one didn’t fit at all. The sleeves were too short and it was too form fitting. I like my shirts to be on the roomy side. I’m trying on the second one.

Francesca: Come on, let me see. Okay, I think this one fits you pretty well. The collar is the right size, not too loose or tight. The cuffs on this one fall at just the right place, don’t you think?

Eddie: Yeah, it’s fine.

Francesca: Try on the T-shirts.

Eddie: Okay, but I’m not trying on the fancy ones with a V-neck. I like my T-shirts the old-fashioned way – with a crew neck.

Francesca: All right, but try on the short-sleeve and the long-sleeve ones, too. Hurry up.

Eddie: Hold on, I’m changing as fast as I can. Oh, geez. I’ve heard of oversized T-shirts, but this is ridiculous.

Francesca: Let me see. You’re right. You’ve got enough room in there for two people!

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