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Daily English 470 - Avoiding Show and Movie Spoilers

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Lee: I’m reading this article about the new season of our favorite show. It’s premiering next week.

Kira: Don’t tell me anything about it, especially spoilers.

Lee: But don't you want to know which guest stars will be making appearances and the plot twists that are coming up?

Kira: No, I don’t! I don’t watch movie trailers and I don’t read reviews. It spoils the fun when you already know what’s going to happen. Where’s the suspense?

Lee: The blogs and reviews I read all have “spoiler alerts” and I avoid reading those sections. Let me just tell you one thing I read...

Kira: Stop right there! I’m covering my ears. I want to stay in the dark, completely in the dark. Got it?

Lee: Okay, I won’t let the cat out of the bag, but we’re in for a wild ride this season.

Kira: I’m not listening! I’m not listening!

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