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Daily English 473 - Showing Respect and Disrespect

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Kadir: Stop that! Stop snickering! Gabriel Voltaire is an author of great acclaim. You should show a little reverence.

Melissa: Yes, but he seems to have a bad case of stage fright. I know it’s an honor to hear him speak, but it’s hard to show reverence when the man is sweating like a pig!

Kadir: He’s not sweating like a pig. He’s just talking passionately about his writing. I, for one, appreciate his level of dedication to his work.

Melissa: I admire his work, too, but he’s making a fool of himself. Really, who can pay attention to what he’s saying when he’s stuttering like that.

Kadir: Unlike you, I can listen to the genius of his words without worrying about a little stuttering.

Melissa: The man is making a spectacle of himself. I think he needs to stick to writing and give up public speaking.

Kadir: Shh! That’s enough. I won’t hear another word said against him.

Melissa: Whatever you say. I’ll leave you to your hero worship. For me, enough is enough!

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