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Daily English 478 - Having Plumbing Problems

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Mickey: Hello, McQuillan Plumbing.

Colleen: Hi, I’m having a lot of plumbing problems. Can you send a plumber out to my house right away?

Mickey: Yes, we can. But first, let’s find out what the problems are.

Colleen: Well, to start, my toilet won’t flush and it’s overflowing.

Mickey: An overflowing toilet – check. What else?

Colleen: The sink in the bathroom is stopped up and the pipes underneath the sink are leaking.

Mickey: A stopped up sink and leaking pipes – check. What else?

Colleen: The garbage disposal in the kitchen is making funny noises and the water won’t drain.

Mickey: A busted garbage disposal – check. Is that all?

Colleen: No, the faucet in the shower is stuck and I can’t shut off the water.

Mickey: A stuck faucet – got it. What else?

Colleen: That’s it.

Mickey: You’ve got some really big problems there.

Colleen: Yes, I know. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Can you send someone out right away?

Mickey: Sure, no problem. How about next Tuesday?

Colleen: Next Tuesday?! Didn’t you hear me? These are emergencies!

Mickey: Yes, but all of our plumbers are booked up until next Tuesday. Should I put you down for a morning appointment?

Colleen: Forget it! By next Tuesday, I’ll be under 10 feet of water!

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