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Daily English 481 - Listening to Music

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Victoria: I see that you have a really extensive music collection.

J.D.: Yeah, I like a lot of different genres of music.

Victoria: Do you have the new J.McQ album? He’s my favorite artist. I just got it and I like all of the tracks on it.

J.D.: No, I haven’t heard it yet. Do you have it on your MP3 player?

Victoria: Yeah, here, I’ve cued up the first track.

J.D.: Hmm…I like the beat of the first song, but I’m not blown away by the rest of it. It’s also a really bad mix. The bass is up too high; you can hardly hear the treble. Is the whole album like that?

Victoria: Yeah, I guess so. I didn’t notice. Maybe the volume wasn’t up high enough.

J.D.: No, it was up high enough. Maybe he’s just not that good a vocalist and the sound engineers are trying to cover it up in the mixing.

Victoria: Are you kidding? He’s an amazing singer. Come on, listen to another track. I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

J.D.: No, thanks. I’d rather listen to a bunch of fighting cats than listen to anymore of J.McQ!

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