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Daily English 483 - Using Hair Products and Accessories

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Danny: You’re going to the prom. How exciting! How should we style you hair?

Clarissa: I’m really not sure. I was hoping you would have some ideas.

Danny: I do, but first we need to see if we have the right tools. Let’s look in your bathroom. Here’s some shampoo and conditioner, but where are the gel, mousse, and hairspray?

Clarissa: Here, they’re on this shelf. Here’s a hairdryer and some rollers, too. Do you think we’ll need the curling iron or the flat iron?

Danny: I’m not sure, but put them here, just in case. Okay, now I need a brush and comb, and some bobby pins. We’ll need some elastic bands, too, to pull your hair back.

Clarissa: Here, they’re all in this drawer.

Danny: Oh, this is a pretty barrette, but we won’t need it for tonight. Okay, ready for the transformation?

Clarissa: I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Danny: Okay, let the fun begin!

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