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Daily English 494 - Types of Story Endings

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Hamid: I just finished a really good book. I thought the characters were headed toward a tragic ending, but there was a twist near the end, and everything turned out well. It was so satisfying!

Rachel: It sounds sappy to me.

Hamid: It wasn’t sappy at all. It was just a happy ending. I know what you like. You like those disaster movies with catastrophic endings where everyone dies.

Rachel: At least that would be more realistic than everyone living happily ever after. I just saw the series finale of my favorite TV show. You know what they did? They ended the series with a cliffhanger. Nothing was resolved.

Hamid: That’s horrible! How could they leave people hanging like that? Weren’t you just a little mad?

Rachel: No, I wasn’t. The ending stayed true to the spirit of the show. It was a dark show and the ending was equally dark.

Hamid: Well, I bet they ended the series that way so they could make a movie sequel.

Rachel: Yeah, maybe, but I don’t care either way. Life doesn’t end neatly and neither should a good story.

Hamid: Remind me never to read any stories you write or any movies you make!

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