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Daily English 495 - Describing Winds and Storms

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:27
Explanation begins at: 3:11
Normal Speed begins at: 13:37

Ali: It’s just our luck that as soon as we arrive here for our island vacation, there’s a hurricane warning!

Mariela: It’s uncanny, isn’t it? On last year’s vacation, we crossed paths with a tornado and now this.

Ali: Yeah, that tornado was something. I had experienced windstorms before with really strong gusts of wind, but it was nothing like that tornado. Do you remember the way all of the windows, doors, and even walls rattled? The tornado blew down power lines and uprooted trees!

Mariela: That was terrifying. Do you think we’ll have another experience like that this time?

Ali: I really hope not. We came for ocean breezes, but if the hurricane makes landfall, we’ll have gale winds of up to 50 miles per hour!

Mariela: And we’re trapped here! What should we do?

Ali: We’ll just buckle down and wait it out. With any luck, the hurricane will miss the island altogether.

Mariela: With our luck, what’s the likelihood of that happening?!

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