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Daily English 497 - Shopping for Bedding

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Xavier: Thanks for helping me decorate my new apartment. Hey, where are you going?

Crystal: I’m going to the bedding department. Now that you have a new bed, you’ll need new bedding.

Xavier: Right, okay, but can’t I just get some sheets, a couple of pillows, and a blanket?

Crystal: That’s only the beginning. Oh, feel these sheets. No wonder they’re so soft. They have a very high thread count.

Xavier: Thread count?

Crystal: You’ll need a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases. Did you get a queen- or a king-size bed?

Xavier: It’s a full-size bed.

Crystal: Okay, you’ll need a comforter and a duvet cover, too, and this bed skirt will make your bed look really nice.

Xavier: Bed skirt?

Crystal: Of course! You can’t leave your mattress exposed. That would look so tacky.

Xavier: If you say so...

Crystal: Wow, look at these canopies. Don’t you think...?

Xavier: You want to put a canopy over my bed?! No, that’s where I draw the line.

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