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Daily English 501 - Buying Glasses

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Alice: Ooh, look at these! Don’t I look great? I’ve always wanted sunglasses like these.

Pierre: You’re supposed to be here helping me pick out frames for my new bifocals.

Alice: I don’t know why you won’t get progressives. That’s what everybody is getting these days.

Pierre: I’ve always had bifocals and that’s what I’m going to get.

Alice: Are you going to get metal, plastic, or rimless frames?

Pierre: I’m not sure. The optician said that with my prescription, I could get any kind.

Alice: Okay, try these. How do they feel?

Pierre: I like the way the hinges move, but they’re too small for my head. Hey, these are nice. I think I’ll go with these.

Alice: There’s no accounting for taste! Okay, but what about the lenses? There are so many options. You can get ones that reduce glare, ones that darken automatically, ones with anti-scratch coating

Pierre: I want to keep it nice and simple. I don’t want any of those options.

Alice: How about these for a backup pair? They’re designer frames.

Pierre: Give me those. I should have known better than to let you tag along. What was I thinking?!

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