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Daily English 502 - Storing Luggage on an Airplane

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Yoshi: Can you hold my jacket while I try to get my roller bag down the aisle?

Tatiana: All right, but I have to roll my own bag down the aisle, you know.

Yoshi: Fine, give it back to me. All of these overhead bins are full. Where are we supposed to store them?

Tatiana: Look, there are two spaces in the back of the plane. You put our big bags in those bins, and I’ll put our carry-ons under the seats in front of us.

Yoshi: Fine, but these seats are already cramped, and now, I’ll have no legroom for the entire flight. Great! That’s what we get for not getting seats in the emergency exit row.

Tatiana: If we had seats in the emergency exit row, you’d be complaining about not being able to recline in your seat right now. At least we don’t have bulkhead seats. Stop grumbling and get moving before somebody else snags those overhead bins and we have to check those bags.

Yoshi: Whose idea was it to go on vacation?

Tatiana: It was mine. We both need some time to get away and unwind.

Yoshi: Yeah, right, I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed!

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