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Daily English 503 - Seeing a Dentist

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Dr. Chung: Hello, Luis, I’m Dr. Chung. You’re here for a check-up and a cleaning, is that right?

Luis: Yes, that’s right.

Dr. Chung: Okay, let’s take a look. Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out?

Luis: No, I haven’t.

Dr. Chung: Hmm…You may need to do that soon. You’ve had a root canal?

Luis: Yes, about three years ago.

Dr. Chung: Does that hurt?

Luis: Ow!

Dr. Chung: I guess I hit a nerve. The bad news is that you may need another root canal soon. Let’s see if you have any cavities. Oh, I think there’s one here in your left molar. You’ll need to come back for a filling. Are you experiencing any sensitivity?

Luis: Yes, I am!

Dr. Chung: I’m not surprised. Your gums have receded and some of the root is showing. Do you use dental floss?

Luis: Um, yes.

Dr. Chung: I’ll have the dental hygienist show you how to brush and floss better so you can prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. Any questions for me before the hygienist starts on your cleaning?

Luis: No, I’m just glad you didn’t say I need dentures!

Dr. Chung: No, you don’t. Not yet.

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