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Daily English 509 - Going on a Cruise

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Connie: I’m so excited! We’re finally taking a cruise. Are you sure this is the embarkation area?

Robert: Yes, I’m sure. We go on board right here, see? Come on, let’s find our cabin.

Connie: Okay, but I want to go up on deck as soon as possible and look around the entire ship. Do you think they’ll let us go on the bridge and meet the captain?

Robert: I don’t think so. You know, I think we’re going the wrong way. I can’t find our cabin number.

Connie: Let’s see if we can find the purser or a steward to help us. Oh, never mind, here it is! Wow, this cabin is really small.

Robert: No worries. We won’t be spending much time in the cabin. When do we eat?

Connie: We can go down to the buffet right now for lunch, and I put us down for the main seating at 7:00 for dinner.

Robert: Whoa, what’s that?!

Connie: That’s the ship setting sail. You’re not going to be seasick, are you?

Robert: I don’t think so, but I’m really looking forward to our first port of call!

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