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Daily English 514 - Describing Old and New Clothes

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Ellen: What are you wearing to the party?

Hiro: Your guess is as good as mine.

Ellen: Let’s look through your closet and I’ll help you pick something out.

Hiro: Okay, but I have to warn you. I have a pretty limited wardrobe.

Ellen: Let’s see, these black pants are nice, but they’re frayed on the bottom. How about these jeans?

Hiro: You don’t think they’re too faded? There’s also a rip in the back.

Ellen: No, I guess those jeans won’t work. I like this shirt, though.

Hiro: Did you see the stain on the front? The zipper is also stuck, I think.

Ellen: How about shoes? Do you have any shoes that are presentable?

Hiro: Well, I always wear these, but they’re scuffed on the top and the sole is pretty worn.

Ellen: Okay, desperate times call for desperate measures. Come on!

Hiro: Where are we going?

Ellen: We’re going to a magical place with brand spanking new clothes and where everything is flawless.

Hiro: Where’s that?

Ellen: The mall!

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