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Daily English 520 - Getting Directions and Parking Instructions

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Receptionist: So the meeting is set for 2:00 on Thursday. Do you know how to get to our offices?

Asha: No, I don’t. Could you give me directions?

Receptionist: Certainly. We’re located on Main Street. The cross street is Udall. If you’re taking the freeway, the best exit to take is Udall East. Once you’re on Udall, head east for about two miles and when you reach the bend, veer right. If you veer left, you’ll run into a dead end. After you veer right, you’ll be on Monroe Avenue and it’s a one-way street. Our building is on the right-hand side, past the light. If you pass Elm Street, you’ve gone too far.

Asha: Okay, I think I’ve got all that. Is there parking available?

Receptionist: Unfortunately, there’s only street parking. There is valet parking for the building next door, but they charge $12 and we don’t validate. There are meters on the street and on the side streets, but you may need to circle the block a few times to find an available meter.

Asha: All right, and thanks for the information. I guess I need to leave early to have plenty of time to find the building and to find parking.

Receptionist: I tell everybody to count on getting lost and having to hunt for parking.

Asha: Thanks for the heads up!

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