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Daily English 521 - Describing Speech and Language Ability

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Blaire: Do you have any idea what he’s saying?

Antonio: It’s Greek to me. You’re supposed to be the one who’s fluent. Can’t you make out what he’s saying?

Blaire: I never said I was fluent. I said I could get by in the language. There’s a big difference.

Antonio: Why don’t you try saying something to him?

Blaire: What should I say?

Antonio: How about, “I don’t have a good command of the language. Could you please speak more slowly?”

Blaire: I don’t think speaking more slowing will help my comprehension. Besides, I only know a few stock phrases, and even those I can only say haltingly, if I don’t freeze up altogether.

Antonio: Give me the phrase book. I’ll see if I can get through to him.

Blaire: What are you going to say?

Antonio: I don’t know, but we’re two fairly articulate people. We should be able to cobble together a few sentences to get our point across, don’t you think?

Blaire: Okay, I’ll follow your lead, but, um, just don’t say anything insulting...like last time.

Antonio: Are you bringing that up again?! It’s not my fault that the entire town misinterpreted what I said! I was trying to compliment the women, not insult them.

Blaire: Tell that to the men who ran you out of town!

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