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Daily English 525 - Falling in Love

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Maya: What are those?

Jorge: They’re pictures from our ski trip last weekend.

Maya: Is there any reason you’re staring at the ones with Jessica in them? I think you’ve got a crush on her.

Jorge: I’m not 10 years old. I don’t get crushes.

Maya: Then, I think you’re falling head over heels for her.

Jorge: Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve only just met her.

Maya: I knew it was love at first sight when I introduced you at Yannick’s party. I could see the sparks fly. I couldn’t miss her blush or your silly grin. There was certainly a lot of chemistry between the two of you, that’s for sure.

Jorge: I hardly talked to her at the party.

Maya: Yes, but I could see her stealing glances at you all night.

Jorge: That must have been a figment of your imagination.

Maya: Oh, really?

Jorge: Okay, I won’t deny that I’m attracted to Jessica, but I can’t speak for her.

Maya: Yes, but I can.

Jorge: What?

Maya: She asked me about you.

Jorge: When?

Maya: Yesterday, at lunch.

Jorge: What did she say? What did you say?

Maya: That’s for me to know and for you to find out!

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