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Daily English 527 - Describing Men’s Bodies

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Justin: What are you ogling at?

Katrina: I’m watching those guys working across the street.

Justin: Those construction workers?

Katrina: Yeah, those prime examples of manhood. There’s not a flabby gut in the bunch.

Justin: I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate you watching them as though they were pieces of meat. Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to objectify the opposite sex?

Katrina: What? I’m not objectifying anybody. I’m just admiring their six-packs and guns. Look at those long, lean bodies.

Justin: Stop it! It’s demeaning, and on behalf of all men out there, I’m really offended. It’s disgusting.

Katrina: Is it disgusting to have a picture of Megan Fox on the wall in your office?

Justin: That’s different!

Katrina: How?

Justin: It’s her personality I admire.

Katrina: You could’ve fooled me.

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