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Daily English 530 - Exterior Parts of a Car

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:14
Explanation begins at: 3:05
Normal Speed begins at: 14:10

Ethan: You missed a spot.

Marie: Hold on. When we made our bet for the loser to wash the winner’s car, it didn’t include the other person being there and being a pain in the neck.

Ethan: I’m just here to make sure everything gets washed properly, from the hood to the taillights.

Marie: Don’t you worry. See how carefully I’m washing the windshield, side mirrors, and headlights? I bet they’ve never been cleaner.

Ethan: When are you going to get to the tires and the hubcaps? And I think you forgot the tailpipe.

Marie: Will you get lost? I’ll do a better job without you looking over my shoulder.

Ethan: I doubt that. If I weren’t here, who would remind you to clean the roof rack and the windshield wipers? I bet you would have forgotten those, for sure.

Marie: I’m going to forget about this whole thing if you don’t shut up.

Ethan: Nah uh. That’s not an option. When you lose a bet, you have to pay the price.

Marie: Well, I’m willing to be a graceful loser if you’ll stop gloating.

Ethan: Not a chance! Don’t forget the grills!

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