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Daily English 531 - Describing Fabric Patterns

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Ruth: Now that we’ve picked out a new couch, we need to pick out an upholstery fabric. What do you think of this checkered one?

Gerry: That’s an eyesore. I prefer something a little more subtle.

Ruth: Subtle? What’s fun about subtle? I want something bold and that’ll make a statement. How about this one with the polka dots?

Gerry: You’ve got to be kidding! That pattern is so busy, if I had to look at that every day, I’d go crazy.

Ruth: All right, what do you think of this one with the stripes?

Gerry: I’m not crazy about it, but it’s not as tacky as the others ones.

Ruth: Okay then, you pick one out.

Gerry: Fine. Let me see…Now this is a sight for sore eyes!

Ruth: But that has no pattern at all! It’s a solid blue color, and a boring shade of blue to boot.

Gerry: That’s right. That’s what I call a classic.

Ruth: And that’s what I call dull!

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