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Daily English 543 - Describing Different Smells

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Giles: Do you really think we’ll be able to renovate this place and turn it into a restaurant?

Julia: It’s not so bad. I know it smells a little stale and musty in here, but all we need to do is air it out.

Giles: Air it out? This place needs a lot more than an airing out. The kitchen smells putrid. I wonder what died in there.

Julia: There is a faint smell of something nasty in there, but I don’t think it permeates through the rest of the building, do you?

Giles: No, but there are different nasty smells in other parts of the building. Oh! There’s a really strong burnt, smoky smell in this corner. Hold your breath!

Julia: This is a restaurant. I’m sure a thorough cleaning will make all the difference.

Giles: That might be true for the kitchen, but what will you do in the dining room? An entire truckload of scented candles or bottles of perfume couldn’t mask those foul smells. This place just stinks, from top to bottom!

Julia: All right, I’ll look for another building, but this place is cheap and within our budget.

Giles: Yes, but if I had to work here, I’d first have to lose my sense of smell!

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