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Daily English 545 - Getting Around Without a Car

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:30
Explanation begins at: 3:17
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Caitland: How are you planning on getting to school and to your job without a car?

Bruno: I’ve got it covered. I have my skateboard.

Caitland: Your skateboard won’t be any use on those dirt roads.

Bruno: No big thing. I’ll just take my bike.

Caitland: Your bike was stolen, along with your rollerblades, remember?

Bruno: Oh, yeah. Maybe I’ll save up and buy a Segway.

Caitland: Those things are really expensive. What’ll you do in the meantime?

Bruno: Maybe I’ll take the bus. Worst case scenario, I give myself more time and I walk. Why are you so interested in how I’m going to commute? Fess up.

Caitland: I care about your well-being, that’s all.

Bruno: Oh, yeah? I don’t buy it. There’s got to be an ulterior motive.

Caitland: Well, I do have an old scooter that would be just what you need to get back and forth from school and work. It uses very little gas and I’ll let you have it for next to nothing.

Bruno: I knew it. You’re trying to pawn off that old scooter on me. Forget it!

Caitland: I’m just looking out for your best interest, that’s all.

Bruno: Isn’t that what all con artists say?

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