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Daily English 55 - A Family Party

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I visit my hometown about once a year. This year, I was in town for about five days and there was a family get- together. It wasn't a family reunion since it was just my immediate family, but still, there were a total of about 45 people who showed up .

Our family parties are always held at the home of one of my brothers or sisters. It is always a potluck. We never have formal dinner parties and so we never need catering. At the potluck this past weekend, some people brought casseroles , some brought chips and dip, and some brought cookies and cakes for dessert. I usually don't have to bring anything since I'm the guest of honor.

There is always a lot of talking and laughing at our family parties. Someone always brings up old childhood memories or a funny anecdote from the old days. A family get-together as big as ours can be overwhelming for some people. When they ask me what it's like to be part of such a big family I always tell them one thing: It's noisy!

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