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Daily English 558 - Being a Strict Parent

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Allison: I’m almost ready for my granddaughter’s visit. She’ll be here tomorrow and I want everything to be perfect.

Ola: What do you have planned?

Allison: I’m going to spoil her rotten. My daughter is very strict and doesn’t allow her to do anything that a normal 10-year-old wants to do.

Ola: Like what?

Allison: Well, her time is very structured and regimented. She’s never allowed any time for just frivolous fun.

Ola: And you’re taking off the shackles.

Allison: That’s right. She can play as much as she wants to for the next week. I don’t want her to miss out on any experiences just because her mother is overprotective. There will be no curfews and no time schedules.

Ola: Are you sure that’s a good idea? I’m sure your daughter has instructions about how your granddaughter should behave and the punishments she should get if she misbehaves.

Allison: You’re right about that. I’m expecting a long list of rules for my granddaughter while she’s here, but she shouldn’t expect me to toe the line. I’m the grandmother after all, so I have special privileges. Nobody tells me what to do with my own granddaughter.

Ola: How did a free spirit like you end up with a daughter who is so uptight?

Allison: Beats me.

Ola: She’s not going to thank you for spoiling her daughter, you know.

Allison: I know, but I’m her mother and there’s still a thing or two I can teach her about raising a daughter!

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