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Daily English 562 - Buying Fake Products

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Lindsay: Look at this designer bag I bought. It was such a steal!

Rafael: Let me see that. You do know that this is an imitation, not the real thing, right?

Lindsay: What do you mean? Of course it’s real.

Rafael: Where did you buy it?

Lindsay: Well, there was a guy on the street selling all of these genuine designer bags. He said he got them straight from the factory, and that’s why he could sell them at such a markdown.

Rafael: The reason he could sell it dirt cheap is because this is a knockoff. I know you’re a sucker for a bargain, but I can’t believe you fell for his line.

Lindsay: How do you know this is a knockoff? Are you an expert on women’s handbags? I still think this is real, and I’m sure I didn’t get ripped off.

Rafael: Whatever you say. As they say, there’s a sucker born every minute!

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