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Daily English 564 - Working in a Laboratory

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I was working in the lab, as usual, when my colleague brought his three-year-old son into work.


Tony: Hi, Gale. This is my son, Philippe. There was a problem with his daycare today, so he’ll be spending the day here with me. I’ll teach him all about doing research.

Gale: I’m not sure this is a good place for a toddler. Should he be playing with the microscope like that?

Tony: Oh, he’ll be fine. I’ll just keep the beakers and test tubes out of his reach and he’ll be all right.

Gale: Whoa, he almost tipped over that tray of Petri dishes. I’m using those for the experiment I’m running, and there are some pretty dangerous chemicals in them.

Tony: Good thing you saw him before he could do any real damage. I think he just wants to help, right? You just want to collect some data for Gale, right?

Gale: Don’t look now but he’s emptying those solutions into the pockets of your lab coat.

Tony: Oh, you silly goose! You’re just trying to make work more fun and interesting for us, aren’t you?

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