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Daily English 566 - Having a Wild Party

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Paula: Okay, let’s get this party started!

Mitch: I really don’t think having a party is such a good idea. We’re supposed to be house-sitting, and I’m sure the Abrams wouldn’t want their house used for a big blowout.

Paula: Ignorance is bliss. They’ll never know. Stop being such a goody two-shoes and help me set up.

Mitch: What if something gets broken or damaged? Things usually get out of hand when people start pounding back a few.

Paula: What do you think I’m doing? I’m moving the breakables to the other room. Nothing will happen.

Mitch: How can you say that? At Kyle’s party last month, two guys got into it and ended up trashing his parents’ house!

Paula: That’s because they didn’t have Babbit.

Mitch: What’s a Babbit?

Paula: Babbit is the name of an old high school friend of mine and he’s tough as nails. He’ll be here to bust heads and to keep everybody in line. Trust me. Nothing bad will happen with Babbit playing bouncer. Where are you going?

Mitch: I’m getting out while I can. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Paula: You’re not staying for the party? You’re leaving?

Mitch: Wouldn’t you, if you were on the Titanic?

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