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Daily English 567 - Visiting a Patient in the Hospital

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George: You’re just in time. There’s only another 20 minutes until the end of visiting hours.

Inez: I got here as soon as I could. How is Uncle Peter?

George: They moved him from the emergency ward to the intensive care unit. He’s on life support.

Inez: How could this have happened? How could somebody in the prime of his life collapse suddenly like that?

George: They’ve been running tests all day, and the doctor is supposed to come by after her rounds to talk to us. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers then, and she’ll give us an update on Uncle Peter’s condition. Come on, I’ll take you to the ICU.

Inez: Okay, but I really dread seeing him on a respirator and hooked up to monitors.

George: This is it, room 323.

Inez: Oh, look at him. What are all of these IV drips for? He looks so lifeless in that hospital bed. Is he under sedation?

George: Yeah, I think so. We’ll know more when the doctor gets here. Oh, here she is.

Inez: Let’s hope she has some answers for us.

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