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Daily English 574 - Shopping for Produce

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On my way home from work, I stopped at the supermarket. My doctor has been telling me to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so I finally decided to follow her advice. I resolved to eat better, so I could feel better. I made a beeline for the produce department.

First, I looked at some bananas. Since they ripen off the vine, I picked out some that were already ripe and others that were still green. Next, I looked for some tomatoes. They looked picked over, but then I saw some organic tomatoes and decided to give those a try. Then, I went to look for the spinach. I found it, but it didn’t look fresh at all. The leaves were brown and wilted. I decided to pass on the spinach and checked out the mushrooms. The mushrooms didn’t look any better. In fact, some were beginning to rot. I picked up some lettuce instead and headed for the checkout stand.

I was feeling pretty good about my new decision to eat better. But then, I passed the cookie aisle. My resolve weakened. I spotted my favorite type of cookies. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d put a bag of those cookies in my cart.

I know I should be able to resist impulse buys, especially of things I’m likely to eat all in one sitting, but don’t forget, I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. With my new healthy diet, aren’t I allowed to fall off the wagon now and then?

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