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Daily English 577 - Magic and Illusions

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Patricia: This is the best magic show I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen so many amazing magic tricks in your life? They’re blowing my mind!

Sergio: They’re all just illusions. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Patricia: I don’t know how you can say that. We’ve seen some really impressive sleight of hand tricks and that escape artist seemed to do the impossible.

Sergio: Couldn’t you see that it was just misdirection? While you weren’t looking, the magician left through the trap door.

Patricia: Maybe that’s how that trick was done, but how do you explain the mind reader? How did he know what I was thinking if he couldn’t really read my mind?

Sergio: I’m sure any supernatural powers these magicians and entertainers claim to have have been debunked by somebody. Maybe he used the power of suggestion. Who knows?

Patricia: And maybe you’re just jaded.

Sergio: And maybe you’re the most gullible person who ever lived!

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