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Daily English 578 - Eating a Home-Cooked Meal

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Louise: What’s the matter with you?

Gil: I just got off the phone with my mom and she says they’re planning a welcome-home party for me next week – at a restaurant!

Louise: What’s wrong with that?

Gil: After living abroad for a year, I was really looking forward to a home-cooked meal.

Louise: Why didn’t you just tell your mother that?

Gil: I didn’t have the heart to do that. She was so excited about the party, and who am I to tell her she has to slave over a hot stove to cook me a lavish dinner?

Louise: I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. It’d be a labor of love.

Gil: You don’t know my mother. She doesn’t cut corners and makes everything from scratch. She uses these recipes that were passed down to her from her mother. She can make the most intricate dishes, but what I’m craving are the comfort foods she always made for us when we were kids. It makes my mouth water just thinking about her cooking.

Louise: After a year of living on instant noodles and take-out food, I’m not surprised you want something home-cooked. I tell you what. After the party, come over to my house and I’ll have a home-cooked meal ready for you.

Gil: You, cook for me? Thanks, but no thanks!

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