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Daily English 58 - Having Car Trouble

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As I was driving home from work, my car started acting up. It was making a strange noise and the engine was running roughly. When I got home, I popped open the hood to see if there was anything wrong. After looking around for a few minutes and not seeing anything, I decided to take my car to the shop.

I took it down to street to Manny's Car Repair. I've never had luck finding a really honest mechanic, but Manny was no worse than most. I explained to Manny the problem and he took a look at it right away. Finally, he narrowed it down to the fan belt. I asked him how much it would set me back, and he said $80 with parts and labor.

I usually feel like I'm getting ripped off when I go to a repair shop, but for once, I thought Manny was being straight with me. I asked how long he needed to keep the car, and he said at least until the end of the day tomorrow. He said he would order the part right away and he’d call me when it was ready.

Oh, well. I guess it could have been a lot worse. I better dust off my bike to take to work tomorrow. It's about time I got some exercise!

Category: Transportation