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Daily English 585 - Being Clear or Confusing

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Laurent: So I’m confused. Who’s David again?

Bethany: David is my roommate’s friend’s brother. Haven’t you been listening?

Laurent: I have, but how am I supposed to keep all of these people straight? Your stories are always so convoluted, with too many twists and turns. Why don’t you try telling a straightforward story for once?

Bethany: My stories are only confusing for people who don’t pay attention or who can’t deal with complexity.

Laurent: Complexity? Is that what you call going off on tangents and including completely irrelevant information? Half the time the end of the story contradicts the beginning!

Bethany: You just don’t appreciate intricate plots. My stories are crystal clear to anyone who pays attention. Good stories have lots of detail. Just ask Shakespeare.

Laurent: Talk about delusions of grandeur! When you start comparing yourself to Shakespeare, it’s time for you to seek professional help!

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