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Daily English 590 - Paying Airline Fees

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Justine: So that’s the plan. We drive to San Francisco, then to Portland, then to Seattle, and then to Vancouver.

Howie: What? Why are we driving to Vancouver instead of flying?

Justine: Haven’t you noticed all of the fees the airlines are tacking on these days? First, there were the fuel surcharges and now, there is a whole slew of added fees.

Howie: Like what?

Justine: Well, there’s a checked baggage fee, for one. On some airlines, you have to pay to check just one bag, and each additional bag is another fee. If you have oversize or overweight bags, that’s another fee.

Howie: Okay, I don’t like fees either, but I don’t think that justifies driving all the way to Vancouver.

Justine: Well, let me tell you about some of the other fees. Do you want a snack or a meal on the flight? You’re going to have to shell out for those now. Do you want to fly standby? Yes, it used to be free, but not anymore. Do you want to make your reservation by phone instead of on the Internet? That’s another fee. Do you want a pillow or a blanket for your long flight? Okay, but that’s another fee!

Howie: Okay, don’t get worked up. I see what you mean. They really know how to nickel and dime you. Once we add all of those fees to the base fare, I guess flying isn’t such a good deal. But do you really want us to drive three days to get to Vancouver?

Justine: What’s the problem with driving?

Howie: Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I only have a week for vacation? As soon as we get to Vancouver, we’ll have to turn back!

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