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Daily English 594 - Competition and Prizes

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Olga: Are you going to take me on, or are you chicken?

Apollo: Me chicken? No way! Bring it on!

Olga: Okay, but get ready to get trounced. I’m going to teach you a thing or two about how this game should be played. Ready for some humiliation?

Apollo: Stop trash-talking and get over here. What are we playing for? How about 20 or 30 dollars?

Olga: Those stakes are too high. Let’s say that the champion will get bragging rights.

Apollo: Bragging rights?! If I can’t have a cash prize, I was hoping for at least a trophy or a medal.

Olga: Yeah, right. You want a medal for winning at thumb wrestling?!

Apollo: As far as I’m concerned, thumb wrestling should be an Olympic sport!

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