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Daily English 598 - Suggesting a Nightcap

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Brittany: [slurring her speech] I had a really nice time.

Tri: I’m glad to hear it. It was nice of Marie to set us up.

Brittany: Yeah, she told me that you would be my soul mate, and she was right! You’re dreamy...

Tri: Uh...well, thanks. It was really nice meeting you, but I’d better be going.

Brittany: What? Why are you leaving so soon? Don’t you want to come in for a nightcap? Let’s have a drink, or two, or three. I’ll make it worth your while...

Tri: I think we’ve both had enough to drink tonight, don’t you? I’ll just take a rain check.

Brittany: Don’t go yet. The night is young. Don’t you want to see my apartment?

Tri: Sure I do, but let’s make it another time. I really do have to go.

Brittany: Spoilsport!
Brittany seemed nice when I first met her, but that impression didn’t last long. It only took 15 minutes for me to realize that she and I had nothing in common, and then, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. You might think I’m crazy because she really was drop-dead gorgeous, but I had no intention of taking advantage of a drunk woman!

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