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Daily English 601 - Paying an Unexpected Visit

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Lorraine: Hi, this is a surprise. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Terrance: Can’t I just drop in on my little sister unannounced to see how she is? I was just in this neck of the woods and thought I would pay you a visit.

Lorraine: Sure you were. Of course, I’m glad to see you, but this is just a little out of the blue.

Terrance: What do you mean?

Lorraine: I haven’t seen you in over five months, and you just happened to be in the neighborhood?

Terrance: Well, I wasn’t exactly in the neighborhood, but I wanted to see my favorite sister.

Lorraine: Your only sister. Okay, out with it. What are you doing here?

Terrance: Uh, well, I was thinking of taking a year off from school to pursue my art. I really feel I need to devote some time to my painting to see if I can make it as an artist.

Lorraine: Mom and Dad are not going to like that.

Terrance: I know and that’s where you come in.

Lorraine: You want me to run interference for you with Mom and Dad.

Terrance: Yeah, they would take it a lot better coming from you, don’t you think?

Lorraine: No, I don’t.

Terrance: You’ve always been the responsible one...I’m just saying...

Lorraine: And I’m just saying that I’m not going to do your dirty work for you!

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