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Daily English 603 - Praising a Performance

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Claudia: Oh, that was so good. I’ve never seen anything better. Bravo! Bravo!

Javier: There’s no need for a standing ovation and stop gushing. The performers did a passable job. It was nothing to write home about.

Claudia: You are so jaded. That performance was genius. It took my breath away.

Javier: I thought the first number was okay, and none of the dancers embarrassed themselves, but that’s all I can say about it.

Claudia: I’m sure they’d thank you for that faint praise. Me? I’ve never seen anything better.

Javier: Now how can you say that? That’s just over the top.

Claudia: If I can’t be effusive, who can? How many times will we see our granddaughter in a school play?

Javier: She’s seven years old and she played a tomato!

Claudia: Yes, but don’t forget: she played the lead tomato!

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