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Daily English 605 - Talking About Astronomy

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Dad: What are you working on, honey?

Mariko: It’s a project for school about the Earth and its place in the universe. I have to write a report and build a model of what scientists can see with a telescope in space.

Dad: I can help you with that. I was always good in science, especially astronomy.

Mariko: Okay, Dad. If I need help, I’ll ask you.

Dad: Is that the report you’re writing right now?

Mariko: Yes.

Dad: Make sure you include all of the planets in the solar system.

Mariko: I plan to, Dad.

Dad: Don’t forget to talk about the Big Bang. Oh yeah, and talk about traveling through space and how many light years it would take. Are you going to include stars, asteroids, and other galaxies in your model?

Mariko: No, the teacher didn’t say we had to.

Dad: Yes, but including some of those would set your project apart from the others, don’t you think?

Mariko: Sure, Dad.

Dad: It would be out of this world!

Mariko: Right, Dad.

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