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Daily English 606 - Reading a Bus Schedule

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This was my first visit to McQuillanville. I wanted to avoid driving, so I decided to take the bus around the city. However, I was having some trouble figuring out the bus schedule.

Louisa: Excuse me, could you help me read this bus schedule?

Curt: I can try. Where do you want to go?

Louisa: I want to go downtown, but I’m not sure which bus to take.

Curt: Let me see that bus schedule. Here’s a listing of the route numbers on the back of this schedule. Look for a bus that goes downtown.

Louisa: Oh, I see. That’s great. Tomorrow, I want to arrive at the Podcast Museum at 10 a.m. when it opens. Which bus will I have to take?

Curt: Let me look at this bus schedule. That’s simple. All you have to do is find the stop closest to the museum, then look down the column to find the arrival time of 10 a.m. or before, and work backwards to see what time that bus passes the stop at your starting point. Got it?

Louisa: I think so, but I don’t think there’s a bus that goes directly from here to downtown.

Curt: In that case, it says on the schedule that you’ll need to get a transfer from the driver of the first bus so you can ride for free on the second bus. Just take the additional time into account. Mornings are peak times, and according to this schedule, the buses run more frequently to accommodate commuters, so it shouldn’t take you a lot longer. It also says here that you’ll need to have a bus pass or exact change for the fare when you board.

Louisa: Thanks a lot for all the help. Do you know how much the fare is?

Curt: I have no idea. I’ve never ridden the bus before in McQuillanville.

Louisa: Then how do you know so much about riding the bus?

Curt: I can read.

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