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Daily English 610 - Preparing to Travel

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Shannon: It looks like you’re ready for your trip. You must be psyched.

Ignacio: Yeah, I am. I’m almost ready. I’ve gone to the post office and filled out a form so they’ll hold my mail while I’m gone.

Shannon: I could pick up your mail for you.

Ignacio: Thanks, but it’ll just be easier this way. I’ve also called the newspaper office to have my newspaper delivery suspended. Tomorrow I’ll arrange for my bank to automatically pay my bills so I won’t have my utilities cut off or accrue any late fees.

Shannon: I could pay your bills for you. I don’t mind.

Ignacio: It’s nice of you to offer, but I’ve got it covered. This morning, I took my plants over to my neighbor’s house. He agreed to water them for me while I’m gone.

Shannon: I could have come over and watered your plants. That wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

Ignacio: Thanks for being willing to do that. As always, you’re so helpful.

Shannon: Oh, I try my best...

Ignacio: I was wondering if I could ask just one favor from you.

Shannon: Of course you can. Just name it!

Ignacio: You know my dog, Rex...

Shannon: Oh, no...

Ignacio: I could board him at a kennel, but he’s had bad luck at kennels. Could you look after him while I’m gone?

Shannon: No way!

Ignacio: Why?

Shannon: Why don’t you ask the people who worked at those kennels where Rex has been? I’m willing to pitch in, but I’m no sucker!

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