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Daily English 617 - Buying Bathroom Supplies

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Jan: We’re almost done. We just need to get some bathroom supplies for Kimberly.

Tim: Okay, here are some towels, a bathmat and a bathroom scale. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies. She’ll need some rubber gloves, disinfectant, bowl cleaner, and a plunger.

Jan: All right. We have all that. Where are you going?

Tim: She’ll need a soap dish and a toothbrush holder. She’ll need a trash can, too.

Jan: Okay, I think we’re all done. Kimberly is moving into an apartment with college roommates, not starting her own bathroom supply store. Let’s not go overboard.

Tim: I just need to get a couple more things.

Jan: What?

Tim: I’m buying her 10 packages of toilet paper and 20 boxes of Kleenex. She’ll be living on her own for the first time and she’ll need all that.

Jan: Ten packages of toilet paper and 20 boxes of Kleenex?! She can shop for herself, you know. You don’t need to buy her a six-month supply.

Tim: Clearly you don’t know college students. They’ll go through that in a week!

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