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Daily English 62 - Missing Person, Part 2: “Beer and Cigarettes.”

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Some of my students know I’m an amateur detective. Before I became a university professor five years ago, I had a real job. I worked for a security agency that protected private homes and also important people like famous actors and politicians. I learned a lot about criminals. I also learned a lot about police work from my father, who was a cop for 34 years.

I had wanted to become a police officer, too. But that was impossible. I got into some trouble when I was a kid. It was a stupid high school trick, but because I was 18 years old, I was treated like an adult. I was arrested by the police, convicted, and now I have a police record. With a criminal record, I can never be a cop.

I worked for a while as a bodyguard. One of my cases was protecting a famous politician who was also a history buff. He and I became friends, he helped me go to college, and now I am a professor...

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