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Daily English 630 - Making a Medical Diagnosis

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Terrell: Where have you been?

Sally: At the hospital, again. My doctor is putting me through another battery of tests.

Terrell: She still hasn’t been able to zero in on the cause of your pain and make a diagnosis?

Sally: No, she hasn’t. Part of the problem is that my symptoms are intermittent, and they seem to flare up only when I’m not under observation. The symptoms themselves are ambiguous, so finding the root cause hasn’t been easy.

Terrell: I can see how that would be mystifying and frustrating. Are you still in a lot of pain?

Sally: The mild pain in my legs seems to be chronic, but the severe pain in my back is occasional.

Terrell: I guess you’re not up for going out tonight.

Sally: After a day of being poked and prodded like a guinea pig, all I want to do is to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book!

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