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Daily English 637 - Planting Flowers and Trees

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Zuly: Hurry up! Mom will be home any minute and we’re not done planting.

Eric: Whose idea was it anyway to plant a garden for Mom for her birthday? We’ve been working under this hot sun all day and the smell of the fertilizer is really getting to me.

Zuly: It was our idea, remember? We both wanted to give Mom something special this year. Look, we’re almost done. We’ve already picked the weeds, prepared the soil, and dug the holes for the new seeds and flowers. I’m taking the flowers out of their pots now and I’ll have them in the ground in a minute. After that, all we have left to do is to plant the new tree. Keep digging!

Eric: Are you sure the hole needs to be this deep?

Zuly: Yes, the book says that the roots need to have room to grow. That’s the perfect place for it, too. It’ll get a lot of direct sunlight.

Eric: Great, but my arms are so tired, they’re about to fall off.

Zuly: Move over. I’ll dig for a while. Why don’t you water the new flowers?

Eric: Sure, right after I take a little break. In the meantime, I’ll supervise. Come on. Keep digging. You’re almost there...

Zuly: I think you’d better keep your mouth shut, or I’ll think of some new uses for that fertilizer!

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